A new way to living life by giving certain less fucks!!

Some books when you read them it leaves a great impact on how you mould your thoughts and approach your life. This book is one such which really made me have a different perspective to life.
As many of you are just going to scroll down this post or avoid it , its okay !! But i wld love to share my experience and those who are going to read this i guess whether u gain something or not but u arent going to lose anything!!
The idea of not giving a f*** , is a simple way of reorienting our expectations for life & choosing the things we give importance to.
As the author said ” Today we are facing a psychological epidemic , one in which people no longer realize that its okay for things to suck sometimes, bcz we dont believe in this we start blaming ourselves & start feeling that inherently something is wrong with us”
We need to be comfortable with the idea that suffering is inevitable and that life is comprised of failures , loss regrets. This book teaches us “to close our eyes and trust that we can fall backwards & still be okay”
The main highlights of this book are:
The Dissapointment Panda (my fav one): We all need someone like a dissapointment panda in our life who wld not sugarcoat but drop unpleasant truths on us, it wld make us stronger by tearing us down.
“The Feedback loop from Hell” ,The Self Awarness Onion” ,”the Victimhood Chic” and many other countless things .
To put in a nutshell, Emotions are overrated , they are merely signposts, suggestions that our neurobiology gives us,not commandmemts so we shld make a habit of questioning them. Things do fall apart and we are architects of our own beliefs , struggles are part and parcel of our lives , need to accept it and move on. One day in restrospect , the years of struggle will strike us as the most beautiful feeling.
The beauty of this book can be understood when you read, i suggest you all to give a try to this and develop a certain new perspective abt life ,which i guess will keep you in a mentally happy space, at the end of the day ‘ A good mental health’ is what we need.


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